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Invest in your future and experience your dream profession for 1 day.
Avoid spending years in a field that does not fulfill you.
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Not sure which job is right for you? Afraid to apply because you think you may not fit in? Want to experience the reality of the job? Tired of the polished company culture videos?
How it works?
Select a position
Choose a position that you would like to try. Review available hosts and choose the one who fits you the most.
Apply for a host
Submit an application to spend 1 day in their shoes. The more motivation you have, the higher chances that your host will select you.
Arrange the date
Our team alongside the host company representatives are going to review your application and if selected, will arrange the date of the visit.
What is going to happen?
Details of the experience are confirmed for each host separately below and differ based on the character of the position.
Position responsibilities briefing
1-on-1 career counseling
Complete a task
Attend a company meeting
Office tour
Lunch with the team
Available positions
The following hosts are waiting to become the guides to your dream job.
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Didn't see your dream position?
Let us know! We are currently actively onboarding new hosts and would love to find the right host for you. Feel free to submit multiple suggestions too.
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Why Flou?
We provide you with the easiest and fastest way to try your dream position with no repercussions.
Money back guarantee
100% satisfaction guarantee. Were you not happy with your experience? Let us know and we will return your money.
Attractive job offers
Attendees with high potential receive job offers from visited companies.
Try a position firsthand
Spend a couple of hours in somebody else's shoes and imagine what your future job could look like.
Priceless contacts
Meet inspiring leaders from different industries. Establish new acquaintances and friends.
You will receive payment instructions from us after the application process is complete and the date of the experience arranged.
Professionals and general public.
1000 Kc
per 8 hours
Student ID holders applying with a student e-mail.
per 8 hours
What others say about us
"It's a great idea, I think that every high school student should go through this program before submitting an application to the university, so that they understand what the career path actually entails. When one experiences the profession during internships or even after graduating from a university and finds out that the job doesn't fit them and they don't like it, it is usually too late to pursue another university degree or to switch specialization."
"I'm considering to continue at my university in marketing, but I would like to learn about the different marketing subcategories and specializations. I would also like to know if the job is stressful or calm, what it feels like."

"I believe that the best way to learn is watching the professionals and this is especially valid for my dream job as astrophysicist. This field of science is not the most popular one and in order to be successful at it, I have to excel in it. School can only give me so much, but the real excellence comes with being able to use that knowledge."

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